Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Jennie

The boys. It was a little rowdy.

My SAVIOR! You held Gracie through all her crying. THANK YOU!!

Just a funny pic of Gracie. What kind of face is that?

Happy Cousins! Are they best cousins?!!

Happy Birthday, Jennie! These are the last pics I have of you (the last time I saw you). I love you.

Gracie's Bday (almost 3 months later)

Ryan LOVED helping Gracie open her presents.

I think he was more excited than Gracie was, and that was VERY excited.

It was a wonderful day. Nuf said.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh, Ryan.....

On a trip to the bathroom last night, Ryan got detered on the way back to bed by Mommy's mascara. He wanted to be as pretty as mama. Unfortunately, good intentions aside, this is a no no in our house. So his punishment was having his picture taken! Gotta love it.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blue Bonnet Beauties

We went Tues. to go visit the Blue Bonnets. There is a town about an hour away that has fields and fields of the Texas flowers, so being a true Texan, you must get your picture taken!

Ryan had fallen asleep on the way, so when we got there he was in his usual 'I just woke up, leave me alone' mood. Gotta love it! We drive forever and can't even get a good picture of him!

Gracie on the other hand, had sooooooo many good pictures! She's quite the little model.

The best time Ryan had was running with his friend, but as soon as he saw the camera, it was back to scowling. Oh well, maybe next year....