Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Tree is in the way

I am ready for Christmas to be over. I enjoy all the decorations and all, but our Christmas tree is taking the place where Ryan's toys normally go. Therefore, our living room is a maze of toys. I am very ready for our house to go back to our semblence of normal. He hasn't really bothered the tree this year, mainly because he isn't quite coordinated enough yet to purposely go there. I have caught him once under the tree, but it was a chance rolling. Not too much longer, and we really will have to watch him a bit better.

Any way, here are pictures of us at my 'family's' Christmas party, and then Ryan opening gifts at Uncle Gary's.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

New hair

I have cut my hair off! Here are the before and after, however, the after pics aren't great. It has rained alot today and ruined my nice new style. But you can get the gist.


I have nothing of significance happening in my life right now. So here is a picture of Ryan. He is always my backup.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Cold weather blues..

Winter has come, and so has my blues. It is cold and windy, and I hate it! I am an outdoors type person. I don't like it when I am stuck in the house all day. And I would go out more if it weren't for Ryan. I don't want to get him out in this cold weather. So he must deal with me all day long too. Right now he has rolled his way under our Christmas tree and is staring at the lights. That's better than the whining he has done all day. Here shortly I will pull him out again, but a few minutes of quiet is VERY nice, and very needed.