Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Halloween is upon us!

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Explanation of pictures...

Okay, the first few pictures are of Ryan's official first haircut at a salon. The woman cutting his hair is Carolina, the woman who has been cutting Bill's hair since he was about 14. And true to Ryan form, he wasn't impressed with the whole experience. I am going to try really hard to convince Bill that next time we will just buzz it ourselves unless we have pictures to be taken. Its not like Ryan has that much hair anyway, poor boy. He is working on it, but the top is still just a little thin.

The next 2 pictures of Ryan in the filing cabinet are priceless to me! We have made that cabinet into a toy bin, since anything we put in there was subsequently dragged out anyway. Of course, he likes to climb in on occasion, and as seen, once in awhile gets stuck. I can't help but laugh since his first reaction is to scream when he can't figure it out. He is not seriously stuck or injured, but instead of taking 2 seconds to figure out his predicament, he'd rather scream and get us to help him immediatly if not sooner.

The last picture is my sexy boy striking a pose. I was actually getting a picture of the too short pajama pants, and he just posed so wonderfully! For those of you who saw the show "So You Think You Can Dance" people that really couldn't, he is my "Sex", named after a guy who thought he was wonderful, but truly was not, and then had his MOTHER defend him. Now, I'm not saying Ryan is dorky and in need of my defense, but he sure has the comedy relief part down.

Picture update

Friday, September 08, 2006

Results are in...

Okay, we all lost in a big way. Jennie came the closest with one number right.

Winning numbers:
9 17 34 52 53 MB 2

Jennie: 4 9 23 29 32 MB 24

Heidi: 10 20 30 40 50 MB 7

Marcie: 22 26 27 29 33 MB 5

Betsy: 3 12 33 38 42 MB 8

Lori: 6 7 13 24 42 MB 23

Mom/Dad: 2 6 12 23 54 MB 28

Perhaps next time.

Lottery Game

Okay, so the mega millions lottery is up to $118 million, so I recuited my sisters to play a game. Each sister had to pick their own set of numbers and I would buy the tickets. If we won, we could split it 5 ways or 23.6 million before taxes, but Dad put in his numbers too, so it would be split 6 ways or 19.6 million. I think I could handle that, and since my family would already be taken care of, I could split my money with various friends and such.

I will let everyone know who had the numbers that came in the closest. Now Heidi didn't really pick. She picked 10 20 30 40 50 mega ball 7. I thought it was interesting that not one person picked the same as another. So let the game begin...