Friday, November 05, 2010

Recap of October

So I have failed miserably these last few years keeping up with the blog. Each day, I run a commentary in my head, a running essay I guess of all I want to say, but somehow, I never sit down to do it. All I can say is, I know I am not doing great, but I will try to do better (for my 3 fans out there!).
Bill had his birthday on the 24th, so of course we had to make it special. The kids had the best time picking out his presents. Bill was graced with a legos star wars set, a pair of astros shorts, and a laser level. Oh, and I finally sewed some silky pajama pants for him (though I still have to do the elastic). We tried to make the day all about Daddy, and I think we did ok.

The cake was another effort of love. The kids helped me make it, then we baked it, then Bill asked if I would take it out of the pan so we could ice it on all sides. Weeellll.....that resulted in half a cake. The kids helped me ice what we could, and Ryan decided that the spiderman candle was PERFECT for Daddy. Gracie was more than ready to 'help' him blow out his candle! We barely got through singing Happy Birthday (or Dirthday, to Gracie) before she was blowing!

Then Ryan got to 'help' Daddy put together his new lego star ship. This is where I have to say that I have married a wonderful man, and a great father. He went step by step and showed Ryan how to read the instructions and put it together. Bill is always trying to teach the kids new things, and in that, he does a much better job than me, I have to say! He is a GREAT teacher, and I am very proud to be his wife. Happy Birthday, Bill, hope it was good!

Then the countdown to trick or treating was on! Ryan kept us up to date on how many days we had left. When the day finally arrived, he was sooo excited!

Gracie was, well, um.....a princess lightening bug? She had a light in her cheeky bums, for the lightening bug, and I had gotten wings to wear, but she didn't want to wear them. Then I had gotten that skirt, and it came with the flower headband, and we HAD to wear that, along with our sparkly ruby red slippers. Soooo, this is what we got! Cute none the less!

Ryan was optimus prime. We just picked out of his dress up clothes, and there you go. He is still as awesome as ever!
Once we were done trick or treating, we set up in the drive and started handing out candy to everyone else. It was up to Ryan and Gracie to dole out the candy, and they did a GREAT job. One little girl (probably 3-4yr old) came up and wanted to touch Lucas. I was fine with it, so she poked him gently in the tummy, and then exclaimed, "LOOK!! He didn't even bite me!" I think she thought he was a real monkey! That was great. Seeing all the kids come through was fun, but now I must get on my soap box:
I am tired of the takers of our society. We had a lady come that was probably 50+yrs old, not dressed in costume, going around with a Wal-Mart bag, collecting candy. That's just not right. Same with the teenagers who came through either not dressed, or like my cosutme, that really wasn't a costume, more like a prop, and expect candy. If it hadn't been for Ryan and Gracie already having it in there bucket before they were fully to us, they would have been turned away. Go to the store and buy your own candy.
Anyway, all in all, we had a great time. Again, I will try to do better, but am not about to promise anything just yet!