Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Since it has been forever since I have done a true post, I have uploaded various pictures for all to enjoy. The picture of the house is my dream house. For those of you that have been to Bentonville, AR, it is on Central. I hope to one day have that house here in Texas. We'll see. And the one of Ryan balancing a bottle....Daddy is teaching the puppy new and wonderful tricks, don't you think?

Monday, July 24, 2006

To the Lottery Gods

To the Lottery Gods:

I do believe that I should win the lottery. I am hereby giving my formal request so that it may be granted. I do not think just purchasing the tickets has been effective. It seems that either the old or the incredibly stupid in this world seem to win, while those of us that seem to work for all that we have are stuck in this drudgery until we're 70 yrs old, and then it doesn't matter so much how much money we have. Then I will just live with my children and make them suffer with me.

Therefore, I believe that I should win now so I can best help those also suffering with me and make multiple peoples' lives better NOW, instead of in 40 years...

I have faithfully bought my tickets and have only won a total of $60. Though I appreciate the gester, I still believe a few million would be much more effective in relieving my financial status. I thank you for your time, and will expect an answer tomorrow at 10:30pm when I check my lottery numbers.