Friday, October 20, 2006

Mom Sucks!

I am a horrible mother! My poor boy got over 10 mosquito bites after being in the car a whole 5 minutes. He never said a word. By the time I got to Laurie's (my friend's), the damage was done. As you can see, they look horrible. Thank goodness we no longer do monthly pictures.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

ER!!! Here we go again, once a month until he is 5! Tonight warrented a trip to the ER for a temp of 105.5*F. I did not realize it was that high until on the way home. Bill said he had taken it under the arm and the thermometer read 104.5*, so add the degree and there you go. Yes, I gave him motrin and waited 45 minutes, but it just climbed higher, peaking at 105.5*, up from 103.4*. We did the cool water bath, all the stupid stuff that I know to do as the emergency room personnel looked at me like I was stupid. Of course, when we got there his temp was down to 102.7* rectally, yes that's right, rectally. As I told the ER doctor, my one and only reason for bringing him in was my concern that his temp was climbing after motrin and I did not want him to start seizing. He then told me that I was underdosing him with the motrin and tylenol. Though he may know what he is talking about, I will first verify the information with my pediatrician before beginning it as practice. The boy has lived on motrin/tylenol, I am trying to save what little functioning liver he has left. The doctor was rather understanding with me, and told me I was right to bring him in for such a high temp. And my poor little boy, he had such a flushed face, and bright red ears. He just sat in Daddy's lap and whined. I don't blame him. With a temp that high, I'd probably do the same. Of course, as we were waiting to check out, he got his spunk back. Let's see: we see the doctor for 10 minutes, then get to wait for 1 1/2 hours, " to verify that the tylenol worked". As I told the nurse, he was not so flushed, he felt cooler, and he definately wanted to play...hence, all signs that we could go home NOW, and not have to listen to pukey man in the wheelchair heave his guts up anymore. She gave me the "you're so stupid" smile, and said that the tylenol couldn't possibly have worked after 45 minutes, let's just be patient. I was, I kept my mouth shut, especially since I was in my scrubs and had my badge on to go to work later (which is where I am at now). We got home at 9:30 pm, and Ryan did not want to go to bed. We gave him 15 minutes, he cried and cried, so we got him back up, and he was playing his little heart out when I left for work at 10:30pm. Definately past his bedtime, should not have so much energy since he didn't nap well, but his fever was gone. I mean, the boy felt good! He wanted to play! I know Daddy will watch over him tonight, but I sure wish I could be there. I want to make sure my Angel is all right. I mean, what if he needs ME? Oh, well. Maybe someone will leave me $8,700,000.00 like Izzy got on Grey's Anatomy. I think I could live with that, how about anyone else?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Showers optional

I have hit a new low in life. I have found that showers are optional. You can take a bath, but a shower is not necessary. Now you might think that this would suffice in cleaning the important parts, but what about the hair? Its a good thing Ryan loves me regardless, and Bill has gotten good at tolerating me.

The opossum is back to visit me almost daily now. Our porch is its new home. I am rather disgusted with this whole thing. Bill, being the strong man that he is, chased him off the porch and came back to profess the pest "would definately not be bothering us any more." Five minutes later, our guest/roommate is back. So much for loud scary noises. Ok, so that makes a bb gun and noises moot, now what? I don't believe I need to buy a real gun just because. Not until we have a safe place to house it anyway. So now our porch is off limits when the sun goes down.