Saturday, March 24, 2007

American Idol

Ok, so I have tried very hard to be as enthusiastic about American Idol this season as I was last. However, I still don't know most of the names and have been bored to TEARS! Lori has taped the episodes the last few weeks because I have been working. So I had a catch up night and watched them all. The only one I know by name is Sanjaya, and that is just because I am shocked with everyone else that he is still in. I was a fan at first, but come on, give him a few years to grow up, and then lets see him again. Right now is just torture. The only, ONLY, contestant I am rooting for is the be bop guy (yeah, don't even know his name, and don't care that much right now).

Ok, to everyone out there with a blog. I cannot comment. I try, it won't let me past the part where you sign in. It does not accept my sign in. So Heidi, I have seen your new page, and am wondering "Why do you need 2?" Betsy, Gwen is adorable and I can't wait to see her. Robyn, if after 5 comments, you haven't figured out everyone faithfully checks out your page, then you are obliviously living in your own world. I am ready for some news, and what happened with the stupid dentist?

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Serious conversations with Dad

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I am so done with winter! Everyone else gets to brag about these wonderful walks in 70 degree temps and we're still stuck up here battling blizzards and more snow than I know what to do with! Yes, I know it was my choice and all that, but as this contract ends and I am STILL freezing my butt off, I think I have determined never to do another 13 week contract in the middle of winter so far north. This sucks. Mom did come to visit us, and brought much needed change to our very unchanging routine. Abby (mom's dog) was not a big hit as far as Ryan was concerned (and I am sure Abby agreed that Ryan was not her favorite either). Ryan enjoyed stomping on her and terrorizing her at every chance he got. In turn, Abby decided to growl and snip back. Therefore, instead of keeping Abby for the remainder of our stay, she was shipped back home. Sad for Lori, great for everyone else here.

We did finally get Mom to get out on the ice. She had vowed that it would never happen. Well, once you see cars and trucks driving on the ice, you can pretty much bet that the ice will hold your weight.