Monday, March 15, 2010

Well, as this pregnancy draws to a close, let's see if I can wrap it up in one post! Each has had its own 'symptom' that has stood out more than the others. With Ryan, it was the extreme nausea, but I think I just learned how to deal with that better in the consequent pregnancies. Gracie was severe suprapubic pain, making it very difficult to turn side to side in bed, to walk, just about everything, especially at the end. With this one, it is definately insomnia! I still have a combination of all the other symptoms to a degree, but the one that stands out the most is the lack of sleep. I thought I knew about insomnia, but I truly had no idea. It is staying awake despite feeling exhausted, its restless leg, hot feet, its everything going on in your head, but unable to shut it all off. Its not thinking about anything and STILL not being able to sleep. You can be tired, but still not sleepy. SOOOO frustrating!

I also think I have been much more emotional with this pregnancy as well, most likely because of the insomnia. I've cried alot more, gotten my feelings hurt, and pretty much just carried my heart on my sleave. I'm so sorry to those that have had to hear me rant and rave. Give a few more months, and perhaps it won't be quite so bad! :)

This pregnancy has also flown by! There have been a few moments that seemed to drag, such as a particular rough bout of nausea/fatigue at the beginning, a few weeks of sore hips along with not sleeping, but in general, it has gone by very fast. I think its just the fact that with 2 other small children to care for, I haven't had time to contemplate this baby as much as the others. Don't get me wrong, I've dreamed about what this little one will look like, whether its a boy or a girl, light or dark hair, all of that. But I haven't gotten to dwell on it as much as Ryan's, or even Gracie's.

I will be induced on March 18th at 0500. This is a very big relief for me! Its not even meeting the baby that I am relieved for, though I am extremely excited to finally find out! I am relieved that I will no longer have to worry about delivering at home unassisted, or on the side of the road. I have never done a natural delivery, I've had an epidural both times, and yes, I plan on another. I rather enjoy my pain-free deliveries, but if I had to go without, I *think* I could do it. But I know that Bill is not thrilled with blood, tolerates the births at a hospital setting, but would probably have a very hard time if it was all on him, so to speak. With me being 4cm/50%/-2, I am rather scared that I will go soon and quickly, like we typically do in my family. I think I have a few more days, if I let nature takes its course, but I really don't think its much longer.

I will add more to this post as I think of it, perhaps in the future, perhaps in separate posts. I have pics to upload, but have already packed the camera, and would rather do all of that later, perhaps while I'm living it up in my nice hospital bed!