Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fun times

Ryan has found a new way to haul around his light sabers.....
Who really wants to golf anyway?!

Last weekend we went up to Coldsprings, TX and enjoyed some time with family, and while there, the kids were introduced to the best toy ever....a little wheeled cart! It provided hours of entertainment as Ryan would ride it down the hill.....
Then Ryan would push Gracie back up the hill....

And then she would push him a little bit, just for good measure!

Of course, eventually there was the inevitable tumble off at pretty fast pace, so Ryan's arm ended up with a scrape (thankfully Gracie had lost interest at that point), and he was able to take it pretty good. Just a short time later, and he was back to playing on it all over again!
We had a wonderful time, and will probably play with it again next weekend, when we go for Christmas!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


So, this is my third week of running. I started and was planning on running a block, walking a block, and working my way up to a mile. My first night, I ran a mile! Now I am up to 3 miles, and in an improved time. I am keeping a journal of all the specifics, but man am I proud of me!!!