Tuesday, March 04, 2008

On the Road Again

OK, for whatever reason, I find it necessary to travel during my maternity leave. I traveled to Heidi's in OKC, then to Betsy's in St. Louis with Ryan, and that was after traveling to Mom and Dad's for a little reunion. Well, this go around, I made it to Amarillo to see Jennie. Let me tell you, it is quite the trip! 2 kids in carseats + 650 miles= a big headache. I had dreaded the trip (not the arrival) for quite some time, and now that my visit is over, I dread the trip all over again. When I traveled with Ryan, I flew. And yes, that had its own headaches since NOBODY will help you with anything, such as open a door, give me a little more room, etc.

Anyway, I have had a great time seeing my sister and nephews. I can't believe how much the boys have grown! The next time I see Josh, he just might have a beard, and Jacob will of course be flying his F16 fighting falcon! Ok, maybe not flying, but certainly dreaming of it. Anyone who knows Jacob, knows his obsession with aircraft of any kind, but the F16 is a certain fave.

While here we had Gracie's 1 month pics done. I have to say, rather disappointed with the service and pics at Sears. After that experience, I went to Wal-Mart and had a much better experience. I actually got some cute pics. Not my favorite, but a definite improvement. It's just so hard at first to get that perfect pose. I probably will continue to try at home, but if I don't get one, at least I get a decent first on her month birthday.