Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Just a thought..

Since Bill and I have bought our land, I have been going to bed at night thinking of how much money we need. I think of lottery winnings and try to decide how to spend it. Ok, I have $20,000, I can get septic, well, and electricity for about $10-15,000, so do I take the rest and pay off my durango, or do I buy the trailer with the rest? Ok, so I need $50,000. That should cover everything. But if I won $60,000, would I just pay off the land and save some more? But that would mean we would have to live in our matchbox for longer than I seem to be able to stand now. Ok, what if I won $250,000? We would take home say $180,000, so we could pay off the land, buy Bill a new truck, pay off mine, and only finance another $100,000. In my mind, we are millionaires. But if we actually won millions, how much to give to everyone?

Alex is of the ilk that nobody deserves any money. You must work for what you have. I don't believe that, but if I won $57 million, people might not be so happy with me if I only gave them $150,000. But by the time you take the cash option, pay for the house and cars and etc., you have to have plenty in the bank to live on, because let's face it, we won't ever work again! So when you're left with a list a mile long of everybody that feels like they deserve a chunk, the cuts get a lot smaller than may seem fair.

Anyway, Bill and I went to the boats over the weekend for our Anniversary (boats= Isle of Capri Casino). I went hoping for my various amounts. After 2 minutes on a slot machine and $40 in the hole, I saw my dreams just might not come true. But at the end of the night, we had managed to maintain our money we went with and profit $60. It didn't pay for the whole trip (i.e. babysitter, food, gas), but it sure was a fun date. Perhaps it is very good that it takes 2 hours to get there. I just might develop a gambling problem. Because in my mind, I have the best of luck, and I am rich beyond my dreams!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Happy Anniversary, Bill

Yesterday was our first Anniversary. I can't believe how quick the year has gone. Our first year has gone off without a hitch. I can't say we've had any real arguments, just the usual spats that happens when people live together, such as why can't you do the dishes tonight, is it really that hard to put your dirty clothes in the hamper, its your turn to get up with Ryan and let me sleep.

Bill, I love you more now than I did a year ago. My vows to you are stronger than ever. You are my best friend and confidant. I can't imagine my life without you. I rely on you for everything. You allow me to lounge in my pj's all day, and come home and still kiss me and tell me I am beautiful. You don't eat my poor meals, but you don't gripe at me for it either. We are growing together, able to understand without words what the other is thinking. You are a wonderful Father, and Ryan is lucky to have you. I hope I let you know enough how much you mean to me. My life means nothing without you beside me.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Babysitter wanted.

My babysitter is out of commission until May. I am feeling rather selfish about this whole thing, but I really like her. So what that she had been bleeding so bad she needed 3 units of blood just to keep on living? Is a hysterectomy really going to keep her out more than a week? I mean, come on, Lady, suck it up! No, I don't really mean that, but when you find someone that is so good to your son, its hard not to be sad that they won't be there. She is going to LA to be with family while she gets better, and since it is 6 weeks of recovery, she is just going to transfer her 7 year old boys to school there and finish the year. The boys aren't the reason she needs help. It is her 2 year old. She is adorable, but as any young child, she does not understand fully the meaning of "Mommy is sick and can't pick you up right now". So I will frantically be trying to find someone else. My babysitter recommended a temporary replacement, but I don't know how I feel about that yet. We'll see.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Official Land Owners!

Here is the catfish farm that Ryan and Bill will get to fish at. It is about a half mile up the road.

Here is me on my LAND! I am so excited. We will put the house to the left of me. Of course, that will be some time away. First we have to afford a well, septic tank, and electricity before we can do anything else.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ryan the Explorer

(In this picture, he got caught in toy net and was trying to figure out how to get out again.)

Ryan truly enjoys his 'tummy time' now. He has his pile of Christmas toys and goes from one to the other, and when he is done with that, he is on to the entertainment center and the couch and whatever he can find on the floor that we have mistakenly overlooked. I am VERY glad Christmas is over since we have accidentally lost a few ornament hooks which he found straight away. He got a few scratches, but thank goodness nothing serious.
As you can see, he also tremendously enjoys his nudity. Getting a diaper and clothes on him has become quite a struggle. The stern voice doesn't affect him. The allure of mobility and his 'freeness' is too strong. So we allow it for a few minutes. He just has the cutest butt!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A new world has opened up

Ryan has discovered this mobility thing. He is not officially crawling, but between his rolling and scooting, he can get anywhere he wants to go. I am not ready! Our house is far from ready for this new venture. We can't baby gate him in. The only thing we can do is put him in the play pen, but that is still at our babysitter's house. I thought we would have more time, but I guess not.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Our lovely neighbors..

This is what is left of the trailer right next to us. It has never been much to look at, and for those of you that have seen it, you can attest to that. But now it truly is an eye sore. I think they are in the process of tearing it down and removing it completely, but I didn't think it would take 2 weeks just to get to this point. I can't wait to be able to move to MY land.

Well, Ryan is beginning to enjoy food, but he doesn't like zuccinni at all! It is much like his father when it came to peas. He'll take about 5 bites (if that) and then proceed to scream and spit out the vile food. We have had success with oatmeal and sweet potatoes, but I am not sure if he is allergic to sweet potatoes as he broke out on his torso after he ate them. But he was also sick, and scooting all over the carpet with a little shirt that offered minimal protection. We will attempt them again later, but I believe I need to get some benadryl first, just in case.

Tomorrow he has his 6 month check up and consequent shots. I hate this time. I wish just once Bill would have to go and suffer through the torture of them sticking our boy.